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A Rheon KN551 Encrusting Machine

Speed up production of your stuffed goods with a Rheon KN551 Encrusting Machine!

With a production capacity of up to 100 pieces per minute, it allows you to easily alter your product weight, filling, and dough ratio. The length of bar-shaped products can also be adjusted. It features an easy-to-use, programmable touchscreen panel that allows you to store up to 100 product settings. Eliminate the need to manually input your frequently used ones every time!

Use it to produce all sorts of stuffed products, including: chocolate-filled cookies, flower cookies, arancinis, scotch eggs, buns with filling, almond cookies, meat-filled croquettes, cheese-filled breadsticks, filled churros, mochi creams, quiches, cheese-filled hamburgers, steamed buns, etc. Each encrusting machine also features strong and hygienic stainless steel cylinders and improved sanitary features by keeping the dough from touching the drive section.

Improve your production efficiency and hygiene standards with a Rheon KN551 Encrusting Machine!

Technical Specifications:

Width: 1757mm
Depth: 955mm
Weight: 540kg
Electrical Capacity: 3.2kW
Product Weight Range: 10-300g
Output: 10-100pcs/min
Belt Speed: 1.3-22m/min
Product Length Range: 0-500mm (intermittent encrusting)
Extruding Capacity(total): 400kg/h

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