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Bongard Dough Divider




Model Paneotrad V3+

Serial number 93000000000 18773

Date of manufacturing 07/2014



• Paneotrad is a unique and patented machine and process allowing gentle dough handling without degassing.

• It can divide and shape the dough pieces in a single motion

• with 3 dividing and forming dies, 6 different shapes can be produced, simply by pairing two forming dies

• over 60 different shapes are now possible with Paneotrad (in a single and a double cutting mode)

• provide high quality and consistency for all dough types such as baguettes, country loaves, ciabattas, buns, sweet doughs etc.

• video link of machine in use =

• stress free dough division

• save time in the manufacturing process

• “just in time” production

• wide variety of shapes – over 60 shapes possible

• simple and ergonomic use


Technical specs: 

• 1700 pieces / hour

• dimensions = 46″wide x 32.3″deep x 71.5″tall

• weight 900 lbs

• electrical = 220Volt, 60Hz, 3 Phase

• CSA approved



• Bongard describes the invention of the Paneotrad as a “radical change, a true revolution”. Paneotrad is a machine designed for the production of traditional breads with an airy texture. It allows for gentle dough handling without degassing or stressful operations while enhancing flavour. The automated working cycle of Paneotrad offers consistency in processing dough from one batch to the next.

• Paneotrad is a perfect example of baker and technology working together. It is a machine that divides and molds the dough, allowing the baker to save up to 30% labour time. Retarded dough that has been scaled and cut is placed into the Paneotrad. It is then divided and molded, stress-free, directly from the retarder, ready to be baked, thus eliminating the need for proofing.

• As added options, there are many forming dies to choose from for different shaped dough, as well as a mobile tub storage table with a wooden top and flour duster. Also available are racks to fit up to 14 storage tubs.