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New Equipment

Rheon KN551 Encrusting Machine

Mimac Suprema Cookie Depositor

Delta Water Doser-Mixer (Bakery Water Meter)

Venix Commercial Convection Oven

Delta Deck Oven

Esmach Spiral Mixer

Starmix Planetary Mixer

Flamic Floor Model Pastry Sheeter

Flamic Table Model Pastry Sheeter

Bassanina Oven

Jongerius Band Slicer

Logiudice Spiral Mixer with Removable Bowl

Logiudice Overturnable Spiral Mixer

Logiudice Bowl Lifter

Logiudice Bowl Lifting Tower SB-ST

Logiudice Bowl Lifting Tower SR 2

LVO Bread Sheeter/Moulder

Mech-Masz Dough Feeding Hopper, Chunker

Mech-Masz Multi Cooker

Mech-Masz Bread Crumb Grinder

Mech-Masz Seed Applicator

Mech-Masz Dry Powder Mixer

Mimac Rotary Moulder

Mimac Dosimax Filling Machine

Rheon KN050 Encrusting Machine

Rheon WN067 Encrusting Machine

Rheon Mega Former Encrusting Machine

Rheon VX222 V4-Twin Divider 1000 Dough Divider

Rheon VX132 V4 – S.F.D. with Cross Roller Dough Divider

Rheon Punch Rounder

Rheon Variety Moulder

Rheon Cup Rounder

Rheon EZ Table Bread and Pastry Production Line

Rheon HM Line Pastry Production Line

Aluminum Racks

Baking Pans

Drader Carries

Oliver Bread Slicer Blades

Stainless Steel Tables